4foodie 於 2015年創立,被公認台灣數一數二的 Instagram 美食平台。我們主要介紹與分享台灣 、日本、和美國的餐廳與美食。接過超過500家餐廳和飯店的邀約,包含試吃、撰寫部落格文章、合作抽獎、和食物聯名。結合我們的手繪和圖文影音,讓更多人可以用「眼睛」吃美食並且得到最新美食資訊。

4foodie is founded in 2015. We have over three-hundred thousand followers and boasts as the largest food Instagram blog in Taiwan. We mainly introduce restaurants in Taiwan, Japan, and the United States. We collaborate with more than 500 restaurants/companies in the past two years. Using our signature doodles and clear caption, we are able to connect foodies all around the world.